Benefits of Omega-3


Omega-3 essential fatty acids are essential for the organism, as their name indicates, but we do not produce them naturally, rather we have to ingest them. They are primarily found in blue fish and some vegetable sources.

We offer different formats of omega-3 with high levels of DHA, created for the whole family, and others enriched with ingredients for specific indications.

Which omega-3 should I take?
There are many omega-3 on the market. They may all look the same, but they have very different prices.

How can we decide which one to take?
First, we have to see which is the concentration and the quantity of DHA in each capsule. Sometimes it is not clear, since the label either indicates the total amount of fish oil or only the total amount of omega-3, without distinguishing between DHA and EPA.

You should take the oil with the highest concentration of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), because it is the fatty acid present in the brain and the central nervous system, the eyes and most tissues in our organism. Using DHA, the body is able to synthesize the EPA it needs, but not the other way around.

Currently, the highest concentration of DHA possible is 80%, with total omega-3 above 90%.

What type of oil?
We find oils in the form of ethylester and triglycerides. The former should be avoided since it is an alcohol, it is not well assimilated and high doses can be toxic.

Among the triglycerides, it is important to know if the oil is chemical or enzymatic. The former does not preserve the DHA molecule and has residues called polymers that accumulate, which we cannot eliminate.

If the oil is enzymatic, we get natural oil, clean and without residues or heavy metals; an oil that preserves the double bonds of the molecule of DHA, which are essential for the connection between neurotransmitters and receptors. Not surprisingly, over 25% of the brain’s fatty mass is DHA.

Another important point is that the oil has not been subjected to high temperatures, as in molecular distillation, since, like with any other oil, we break it down.

Do I have to compensate omega-3 with omega-6 and omega-9?
In the western world, we have an excess of omega-6, which is partially responsible for the increase in inflammatory diseases. In Spain and other countries in Southern Europe, we ingest enough omega-9 through olive oil. Therefore, we only have a deficit of omega-3, since we do not eat very much raw fish.

Since essential fatty acids compete amongst each other, the ideal way is to take oil with the highest possible concentration of the molecule we are interested in – in this case DHA. Mothers often pass on a shortage of this molecule to their children.

There is a specific transporter for DHA in the placenta, as it is necessary for the neuronal development of the fetus, but if the mother’s reserves are low, the fetus’ intake is insufficient and the risk of peroxisomal diseases is greater. DHA is also transmitted through breast milk, and the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for 24 months.

What is the best source of DHA?
The most common source is fish oil, which comes from blue fish particles. It can also come from seaweed, but the DHA concentration is very low and it is very expensive.

Another theoretical source would be alpha-linolenic acid, which is the precursor for DHA, but human beings cannot make the conversion from the former acid to the latter. Therefore, consumption of nuts, especially walnuts, does not provide DHA.

In summary, when we buy omega-3, we should choose an oil rich in DHA (around 80%), such as a triglyceride, enzymatic, and which hasn’t been subjected to high temperatures. All the products in the Oligen family meet these criteria.

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